Ideas from a Gamelan Sunday

Went to RNCM‘s Gamelan concerts today. The Degung, “a type of gamelan unique to Sunda, the mountainous region of West Java”, was performed by Degung Manchung. I enjoyed the light-hearted, percussive, festive music.

The education project “Gamelan and Dance” was interesting. Bolton Music Service has been engaging some children with Gamelan music and dance. I was entertained by the children’s performance, especially their imperfect, but natural and spontaneous movement along with the rhythmic music.

They also have an artist in residence teaching children to paint, make masks, record their experiences through a different kind of art. And their art work was exhibited outside the Concert Hall.

I noticed that many in the audience (perhaps parents) were video-recording or photographing the event by mobile phones or camcorders (mostly men). The ubiquity and pervasiveness of modern computing. And the chap from the Bolton Music Service in the end also said that he’d appreciate if these audiences could share their recordings.

I thought there might be an opportunity to work with the event organiser and the schools to build a Web 2.0 enabled social network, sharing memorable moments, linking different elements and forms of performances (music, videos, photographs, paintings, masks etc.). Of course, the schools and the organiser can easily do this with existing Web 2.0 services and tools – but they didn’t.

This event also gave me ideas for organising future community engagement events by bringing together different kinds of exhibition forms and performance.

Anyway, anyone interested in my idea, please do get in touch. Comments are welcome, too.


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