Greg Elmer on “Open Source Video: Testing the Limits of Participatory Media Making”

Greg Elmer gave an engaging guest lecture on Friday 20 November 2009 on “Open Source Video: Testing the Limits of Participatory Media Making” at the Council Chamber at the Old Fire Station. Here’s the abstract of his talk:

This presentation discusses an open source project that creatively uses
emerging collaborative video production tools to examine the possibility of
producing an organic documentary, a living document that can offer counter
narratives to a culture of governmental secrecy produced by the on-going
“war on terror”. This project’s research will be set directly and actively
within the process of creating a dynamic (meaning “re-mixable) documentary
film that tackles the pressing contemporary issues of security and
surveillance using recently-developed collaborative and open source
filmmaking techniques. The documentary video itself will be continuously
updated and reassembled by various production communities – it is not
simply a creative project built by a single group over a set timeframe,
rather it is a documentary that any number of production communities can
take part in, add to and sustain over many years. This project is guided by
the belief that the act of creating itself is a form of inquiry and a form
of knowledge creation that produces creative tools, methods, content and
research outcomes.

[More to come once I finish tidying up my notes.]


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