Project Management 2 for BSc in CVG

This semester I’m teaching an undergraduate module “Project Management 2” for the first-year BSc students in CVG. Although I’m teaching project management, my time management is a mess. This morning, the photocopiers in both the Adelphi House and the Adelphi Building were broken. So I spent a lot of time finding a way to photocopy handouts for students. When arriving, the classroom was like a market – I lost my disciplinary ground already 😦 Then, two computers would not log me in, and the data projector wasn’t connected to the computer that I logged in. So no way of showing slides. I needed to give the lessons without slides, which was a pain. Students sensed that I was struggling and started to be noisy. It was difficult to keep them under control. What a mess.

Here’s a lesson – always look prepared in front of students, plan ahead, and arrive early to check facilities and equipments. Plenty of room to improve my project management skills.


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