SCRUM secrets from Tecmark

As announced, Tecmark‘s Managing Director Richard Heyes and Channel Partner Manager Scott Hague delivered a very well-received lecture to the 2nd-year CVG students on 13 October 2010. In their lecture, Richard and Scott introduced the user-centred/client-centred/usability-driven “control-loop” method that Tecmark has adopted to deliver high-quality products and shared the lessons learnt over time.

Two case studies were presented, one on an event mobile application (under NDA), and the other on a diabetes friends iPhone app. The first case study taught them to develop long-term strategy and sustainability of a project / IPs, importance of having a profile of responsibilities (both the customer’s and the developer’s), and a well-defined project scoping document.

The second taught them how to manage the relationship with 3rd-party stakeholders (for databases and platforms integration, in particular) (importance of a sound stakeholder analysis). Regular update of the app development (SCRUM method) also allowed them to keep things under control.

In terms of project management tools, they use Basecamp and a SCRUM scheduling system to share documents, monitor progress and track bugs.

In general, communication and time-forecasting are the two key elements every project has to manage.

As to the development of a mobile app, they tipped the students which platform to develop for – depending on the platform’s technical restrictions, customer’s needs, target user groups.

Overall, students found their talk very useful and interesting. They felt that they had a better understanding of the industry and what they are embarking on – developing a mobile app. A very good start of our partnership. Thank you, Richard and Scott.


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