Paper prototyping

Just had a rather successful session with the 1st-year CVG students. All 6 teams have produced a paper prototype, identified their target user groups, received feedback from the testers they profiled.

This is the flow of the team activity.

Refining Game Concepts
Identifying / profiling target players groups
(create 3-5 target players personalities on post-it notes)
Creating paper prototypes
Team to select one evaluator to gather feedback from the testers. The rest of the team members pick one personalities created by other teams and play the role of the testers.
Evaluator to summarise the feedback and report back to the team
Conclusion and Reflection

Through this activity, students have learned how to test their game concepts and features, identify their potential target players, and test business / marketing potentials. The team developing the “Banana Chase” game was particularly smart – they drew main characters and assets on post-it notes so that they could be attached to and moved swiftly around the environment which was drawn on a flip chart sheet. A team also drew the main character on a post-it note to demonstrate the teleporting feature of their game. In terms of tester profiles, Some teams would like to engage with teenagers, but found that it was hard to extract precise information from teens. Some teams thought their target players would fall into the age group around 20-40, but after testing, it seems it would only attract younger players (or they’d have to re-design their game to make it more appealing to adults). Some teams became more confident because their game concepts were well-received.

I would have hoped to have more reflection from the students, but I’m quite content about their performance today 🙂

Students notes of tester profiles and testing questions
The Monkey character created by Jasen&Ali&James for their game Banana Chase
The monkey character created by Jasen&Ali&James made my smile

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