The Winner of the 2011 Playspace R&D Competition is …

Went to the Playspace R&D Commission Pitch Night for ideas combining gaming technology with live performance at the Contact Theatre yesterday. I was late, but arrived just in time for the winning pitch from Deanna Borland-Sentinella (see!/search/%23skpitch). Originally from Australia, Deanna holds a Bachelor of Creative Industries majoring in Drama from Queensland University of Technology. Though a little bit nervous, Deanna was able to present her ideas in a very lucid way (without using any slides). Also, she took all the questions very well. I thought her idea of having a performer reacts to the character in a console game played by audience in a theatre was brilliant. Since the performer’s movement corresponds to the game character’s doing, the player will have to make a decision whether s/he would like to focus on progressing the console game (i.e. getting points) or on interacting with the performer. It not only expands the gaming sphere from console/screen to reality (interacting with the performer) (hence a decision making process to study), it also has potential of demonstrating the non-straightforward gaming experience. By the latter I meant that when the gamer just starts playing the game and is not yet familiar with the game play, her/his interaction with the performer is not going to be smooth either. But through time, common understandings will be built between the game player and the performer through the player’s relentless gaming practice.

A creative demonstration of the convergence of different art forms and activities, indeed.


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