RIP David Sanjek

Today we were informed of the untimely death of a colleague of mine Prof. David Sanjek who passed away at the New York airport. Like many others, I was terribly saddened by this news.

Last time when I met David was at the screening of the Korean movie Shi (Poetry) at the Cornerhouse. After the screening, we were chatting about the outstanding performance of the lead actress and how lots of complicated emotions and events were smoothly pieced together, but our conversation was shortened because I needed to catch train home. I had no idea then, and still can’t believe that it would be the very last time I spoke to David.

Every time when I met him on the street (for example this summer at the Piccadilly station when he just came back from the United States, many times on the Adelphi Campus), he always smiled and warmly greeted me. He was a loner, but showed absolute passion for his work on popular music. He had so many ideas for book projects. Since he is a research professor, his remit did not include teaching. However, earlier this year, I had the privilege of inviting him to give a guest lecture to my now 3rd-year CVG students about copyrights and IPRs in media industries. Students loved his enchanting, biographical way of introducing this sometimes boring and complicated topic (about digital midi technologies, sampling, law and music business) – what a story teller. A talented Greek student Markela even made a portrait of him when he was speaking, and gave that painting to him after his lecture. He was absolutely delighted, I recalled. How sad that this intelligent and nice man has now left us.

Rest in peace, David – you will definitely be missed.


10 thoughts on “RIP David Sanjek

  1. Thank you for writing this. David was a dear friend of mine. I saw him just a few weeks ago at a conference in the US. I had no idea he had passed away.


  2. I am in shock! David was my boss at the BMI Archives for a short, but quite productive time, and since then has been a good friend. I am at a loss for words…..


  3. I worked with David at camp for several years in the 80;s and 90’s–he was a terrific boss and exemplar of what it means to be an educator. Requiescat in pace.


  4. I only met him at the lecture as you said Yuwei but the seemed like a really pleasant person. I am sorry to hear.. Rest in peace


  5. My school has set up a tribute page in memory of Dave

    According to a message from our head of school, Dave was changing planes at JFK airport in New York on his way to Washington. He collapsed in a toilet at the airport and his passing away was fast. An autopsy showed that he was suffering from severe heart disease. He has already been cremated.


  6. My understanding is that he was on his way to a meeting of the National Recording Preservation Board at the Library of Congress. I knew David through that organization, and I was always taken with his incredible enthusiasm and depth of knowledge.


  7. Colleagues are organising the first ever Christmas Party on our MediaCityUK campus, dedicated to Prof. David Sanjek.
    Join us on Friday 6-10 pm for live bands Glass Ankle, The Faux Pas, The Green Wall Beat Club, House of Three Hands, Toe Rag. VJ Alasdair Swenson; DJ Carolyn Mason, Screenings, Artists Videos, Media Pub Quiz, bring a team for a real prize, plus the Choir to get us into the festive spirit. the Bellies (Belly Dance Society) are making a special appearance, there is food and a bar. It’s a ticket only event, these are free so please book your tickets ASAP to avoid disappointment.
    Register your attendance at


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