Proud to be

It has been 26 months since I joined the University of Salford and I can feel that the sense of belonging is growing stronger and stronger day by day.

In December, I attended several events organised by MMP staff and students, including

– the stand-up comedy night (on 7 Dec) at Islington Mill coordinated by Lloyd Peters (where trainee comedians performed routines that they had written and prepared themselves in front of a public audience, with two lecturers from the university attending the show to assess the quality of their comedy against the criteria such as timing, originality of script, facial and slapstick skills and how well they handle hecklers, as referred to in an old BBC news article),

– the Big Band Jazz night (on 12 Dec) at the Church of St. Philip with St. Stephen directed and conducted by Tim France featuring Robin Dewhurst (piano), Doreen Edwards (vocal), and Duncan Winfield (trombone),

– and last but not least, the Big Christmas Party at MCUK (on 16 Dec) where I joined the Carols singing for the very first time in my life in front of our MCUK building in typical windy and rainy English weather, and where I first saw and played Phil Brissenden‘s famous reverse action piano harp.

The qualities of these shows were outstanding and I was thoroughly entertained.

I’m going to close this year’s last blog entry by saying how much I’m proud of our students and colleagues, and how much I’m proud to be a member of Uni of Salford. I look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2012!


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