Day 3 at the TAF International Week 2012

After two late nights entertained by wonderful live music played by local bands (see photos below), this morning I struggled to wake up early (again). But, I followed many interesting presentations by participants from other European educational institutions about innovative collaborative projects, including the DoubleClick festival, the European Virtual Academy and the International Centre for New Media‘s European Youth Awards at the two seminars on “Awesome Art and Media” and “Best International Practices”. I was amazed at the number of collaborative initiatives presented and the richness of opportunities for staff and students Salford MMP.

The second part of my workshop “Open Everything” unfortunately was forced to end early due to lack of student participants. I went through the slides prepared in advance regarding my recent work on open data and open content with Rosa and Lucie who were there. Lucie told me some open data projects organised by the International Institute for Information Design (IIID) such as DD4D. We skipped the hands-on part and went to the “Best International Practices” seminar.

Luckily, we did – or we would have missed the fascinating live performance (video performance titled “In Two Minds”) by Kevin Atherton (National College of Art and Design) that showed the interaction between two characters / selves (one physical, real, younger, past; one recorded, virtual, older, now and current) arguing, debating and conversing in an overlapping space. The argumentative nature of this presentation is really theatrical, actual, but also surreal. Being at the scene watching an older and current self conversing and arguing with a younger and past self reveals a lot of questions about time and space (elastic, long-standing or ephemeral, past and now and future, expectation, plan, forecast) and languages (different kinds of languages including body languages such as voices, movement, postures). Inspiring. Here are some photos taken during this presentation:

Now, here are the photos taken from the live music events yesterday and the day before. I save this until the last of this blog entry because I didn’t want readers to think that Erasmus teaching is all about having fun at pubs 😉 (we do work really hard here – we are going to have Sauna networking time at Marttilan Pirtti this evening – looking forward to it!


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