Space and Creativity

One thing I like a lot about the building where the TAF took place (and also where Tampere University of Applied Sciences Finnish degree programmes in Fine Art, Film and Television and Media and the English Degree Programme in Media are housed) is the space – Finnish people’s awareness of space and creativity amazes me. Reminiscent of our Adelphi Building, the TAF building in an old Finlayson mill is a creative boundary object, a catalyst in that students and staff are given space to paint, to co-create, to generate, to interact, to exchange ideas. Look at these photos below, the 2nd floor common coffee area also functions as a library, a presentation / seminar / show room for cinema, theatre and concerts, as well as a gallery for exhibition and installation. The space is flexible and full of possibilities. I can smell freedoms in the air. And this really incites creativity. A cold, old, dark modern building has been completely transformed. Can we also transform our MediaCityUK clinic, please?




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