Unity 4 Workshop

The fantastic Peter Caddock gave a half-day workshop on Unity 4.1 to my students in computer & video games (and also some in music) at the MediaCityUK yesterday. The good attendance (25) to this free, drop-in session on a Friday afternoon showed the charm of Peter (and perhaps also Unity;)). The generous contributions from Peter and Studio Liddell have made my life in a world undergoing severe budget cuts and staff reductions much easier. 

Peter also announced that Unity 4 has a Linux version. However, I couldn’t find the version to download on Unity’s website yesterday. Although it may still take a while for Unity to release its Linux desktop publishing preview, it’s good to know it’s on its way. 


One thought on “Unity 4 Workshop

  1. Guidance from Peter Caddock about how to use Unity for building Linux games:

    “Grab the Unity download from the Unity website for your Mac book and install it, then go to the build settings on the ‘File’ menu pulls downs. You will see that Unity will be set up for Standalone PC, Mac, Linux – you need to set the ‘target platform’ export for Linux which I’m told will build for Ubuntu.”


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