Happy 2014

It has been a challenging yet fulfilling 2013 especially with my move from the University of Salford to the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham. Some projects have come / are coming to an end (e.g., the FEM2Map project led by the Cartography Research Group at the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation at the Vienna University of Technology, the HEA-funded game archive for learning and teaching, audience research collaboration with composers, and strategies for developing a geo social network via Maxamundo). And new projects are also starting: the re-use of materials in the Animation archive at UCA, the AHRC-funded Big Weather Data project led by the magnificent Dr. Jo Bates, and the EU COST Action ENERGIC research visit to TU-Wien for the secondary data analysis of the FEM2Map project.

It has also been an inspiring and creative 2013 – with festivals, events and conferences such as the 8th International Digital Curation Conference, the TAMK International Week, the first ever Rails Girls Galway event, OHM2013, the State of the Map 2013, By Design or By Disaster at Bolzano, FLOSSIE 2013, V&A Game Jam, stimulating the mind, the heart and the soul. I was also privileged to be a member of the grand jury of the 2013 European Youth Awards. Each entry featured creative, innovative, sustainable and generally awesome digital content. Evaluating these projects certainly has been an inspiring process for myself. I deeply agree with fabulous Denise Vernon – ‘Age becomes a pleasure when new minds and new creativity never allows you to stand still and keeps refreshing… there’s so much to learn and the process never stops.’

My heartfelt thanks go to my dearest family, friends and colleagues who have given me strength, support, pleasure and fun over the past year. Life would be dull without you all! Let’s hope 2014 brings us projects that excite and fulfil, friends and communities that allow us to build and develop, friendship that asks little and gives much, and lots of love and joy.

Happy new year, everyone!


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