I joined a discussion about Pomona, a project initiated by moreCRIT at MadLab today. The method the group used, connecting local history research, walking, photographing, helps me to improve the mapping method I’m developing.

After an introduction on Pomona history (with historic photographs shared amongst participants), and recent photographs taken by participants on their visit to the site, people threw out ideas in what forms they’d like their work to be presented (exhibitions, zines, books, blogs or films). The discussion was very interesting as so many political, technical, social issues were discussed: Peel Group’s rich assets and the tensions between the public and the private access to land, where to photograph private land / buildings, how to socialise with fellow photographers, with security guards who are paid to watch the private land (waste land), the relationship between men and nature, engagement with the local, awareness raising of the new development / urban regeneration. 

I, for one, have learned something new today, about the past and future of Pomona, a place I used to pass by almost everyday on my way to work at the MediaCityUK. 

Here are a few links from which you can swat up on your Pomona knowledge (credit to moreCRIT).







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