Life of Fry

The life Stephen Fry, who has just wedded Elliott Spencer, is no short of surprises. And telling the story of his life is by no means an easy task. So when my first-year UG students at UCA Farnham delivered their #YourFry project work, based on the content released for open re-interpretation, re-mixing and re-use, I was so proud of them.

The process of tackling this brief had not been smooth. The biggest challenge was to get students understand what the brief was about – the output has to be of the nature of ‘transmedia’, reusing and repurposing the content released by the publisher Penguin Random House to deconstruct and repurpose the words and themes from Stephen’s last two books.

To help them, several skills workshops were organised, including a character design workshop led by Shekhar Bhttacharjee (Associate Faculty, Toy & Game Design, NID PG Campus, Gandhinagar), filming and video editing workshops.

The outcomes were brilliant, based on all the new and vibrant media one could think of these days, and for different audiences. Three students submitted their videos for this competition, and they were so encouraged by the feedback from Fry himself and the publisher.

I do hope the students found the process rewarding and fun. No doubt they will come up with different ideas when they progress to the second or third years. However, the ability of addressing briefs can only be developed over time. What I’d like them to learn from working on such kind of briefs is the ability to analyse a brief, to come up with an idea that is feasible based on available skills, knowledge, resources, and deliver it in time. These are basic project management skills – delivering a project in time and under budget. So, the more briefs they do, the more familiar they are going to be with the process, and the less fears they are going to have.

Our press officer Tim Pilgrim has written up a good article on this. You may also find some first-class work here.


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