TAMK iWeek 2015

Another fruitful Erasmus visit to TAMK’s Art, Music and Media 8th International Week at the Mediapolis, a week full of music, arts, media and friendship.

I participated in Ben Jankovich’s workshop about “Creating and developing a screen / TV idea” where I developed one 25-word storyline about a MI5 boss who’s unsure about his sexuality and had to decide whom to save in his mission, based on the character of Bathsheba Everdene in Far From the Madding Crowd). I also participated in TRNSLTN led by Laurens van der Meulen and Michel Pitstra developing a “smart suite” that has self-defence function utilising Makey Makey, which was brainstormed at Daniel Gilgen’s workshop on Smart Fashion – Designing for a Soft User Interface.

There were many more interesting workshops such as Yuri Landman’s “Malevich String Plate” (creating music instruments that could also be coffee tables), Graham Cooper’s co_LAB project that crowdsourced assets for an animation on Tampere, and Lode Coen’s ‘vitality & creativity’ workshop treating massage (and bodily movement) as a form of art.

In my presentation on Thursday, I introduced UCA, and a student-centred pedagogy integrating the practice of remixing with theory teaching. I showcased the work my first-year BA Media Communications students did for the #YourFry brief. It was a great platform for sharing experiences. For example, the feedback I received prompted me to consider how to engage students in media studies while everybody can potentially make media these days, and how I should emphasise the legal and economic aspects a bit more (e.g., issues with copyrights while remixing, why doing the #YourFry brief is relevant and important).

The Finnish sauna experience, the fine dining at Tampere’s indoor Market, and the karaoke made the trip as unforgettable as the previous ones. Look forward to TAMK iWeek 2016!


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