First Ever Raspberry Pi Workshop at UCA Farnham

We did it – the first ever Raspberry Pi workshop at UCA Farnham successfully took place today with 30+ Year 2 undergraduate students on three different honour degree courses (Media & Communications, Media & Creative Writing, and Digital Film and Screen Arts). Jake Strickland delivered an engaging lecture on the Internet of Things in the morning, followed by a hands-on workshop in the afternoon assembling a Sheffield Raspberry Pi Weather Station and then turning the Pi into a video looper.

Jake Strickland in action.


Jake Strickland introduced the Raspberry Pi video looper on

The success of today could not have happened without the help of the following people. My thanks go to Jo Bates who let me borrow the Raspberry Pi Weather Station kits that she and her team at the University of Sheffield developed. I have worked with them on the AHRC-funded ‘The Secret Life of a Weather Datum‘ project where the idea of a Raspberry Pi Weather Station was conceived, and that’s how the story all began (how Jake and I were connected – see the CDC Weather Station). Thanks also go to Rosie Gunn for being collaborative and supportive of my experimental ideas. Well done Jake and all students involved in today’s workshop – I’m sensing that many creative ideas will be arriving in the near future.

Trying hard to get the Pi to work.
Having fun learning how to get a Pi to work.
Documenting the process.

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