UCA Media’s Top 4 Highlights of 2015

I’ve organised many events and activities to enrich the students learning. Time to look back on the achievements and celebrate as the year comes to the end.

No. 1 Fieldtrip to BVE London

No. 2 Digital storytelling and Zappar Code workshops (part of Helen Varley Jamieson’s creative residency)

No. 3 Video Graffiti and Projection Mapping workshops (part of Soile Mottisenkangas’s creative residency)

No. 4  The First Ever Raspberry Pi Workshop at Farnham


In addition to celebrating, it’s also time to thank those whom I have worked / collaborated with. Without you (you know who you are – my dear students, colleagues and friends), I would not be able to make this far. Leading new courses is not an easy job; so much needs to be done to lay down a foundation. I have to give the courses a unique identity, build up credentials so that more students will be happy to join us at UCA Farnham. I hope flagging up these highlights provides people a better idea about what I try to achieve here: marrying the theory and the practice, the technical and the social, and ultimately the creativity and the digital.



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