Loitering Chapel Street Salford

Salford Chapel Street has undergone many dramatic changes since I left for Farnham 3 years ago, and I only found out these new developments this afternoon when I joined the tour #WeShallOvercome guided by the magnificent Morag Rose, as part of the Loitering with Intent exhibition at the People’s History Museum Manchester. We were entertained by two musicians (Matt Hill on guitar and Steve Durrant on accordion) who sang songs inspired by the suffragette movement or local musicians or poets (e.g., Ewan MacColl’s ‘Dirty Old Town’).

Lots of new buildings have mushroomed just within a short period of time (e.g., Vimto Gardens). I was surprised to find out that the old Salford Town Hall is now managed by a private letting company, and new houses at Timekeepers Square are being built by Muse Developments. And, the historic pub ‘Black Horse Hotel’ will soon be demolished and turned into luxurious apartments by billionaire bookie Fred Done, a very controversial development.

The tour refreshed my memory of the the noise of the traffic on Chapel Street (once the busiest road in England), the beautiful façades of the deserted Victorian buildings, the rich history happened on this side of the Greater Manchester (Salford was a larger city than Manchester). The walk was also political while we learned about the recent urban developments and the  stories behind the monuments, who got to make decisions and who were remembered (mostly men) and who were forgotten.

Loitering is fun. The Loiterers Resistance Movement (LRM) has been a very Mancunian social action. And it’s definitely worth visiting the exhibition ‘Loitering with Intent’ at People’s History Museum (which ends on 14th October 2016).

A corner of the ‘Loitering with Intent’ exhibition at the People’s History Museum.
Matt Hill and Steve Durrant performed a song inspired by the suffragette movement and prison life in front of the New Bailey Square.


Something new, and something old.


Timekeerps Square by Muse Developments




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